Team Sailing and Coaching

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Our coaches help you to achieve your professional objectives through a particular sailing day


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A team sailing experience for an individual and collective development

Preparation Meeting
Chose and meet one of our coaches. Discuss your mission. Define your team objectives and needs.

Saling Day
Sail together on a regatta yacht followed by your coach.
Create an alchemy within your team in order to transcend the results and increase communication.

Discuss you strengths and weaknesses and learn to enhance your teamwork.

Sailing Day Planning

  • 09:15 Welcome and briefing
    Breakfast at the club house
    Program of the team sailing day with your coach
  • 09:45 Departure to the sailing boats
    Security briefing & equipment
  • 10:00 On the water: regatta initiation
    Task and team working description
    Initiation and training to competitive sailing techniques

  • 12:30 Lunch

  • 14:00 On the water : Regattas
    You handle the boat to win the regattas
    Focus on the respect of the performance values : Communication – Trust – Leadership

  • 16:30 Back to the harbour
    Team debriefing
    Free time and shower at the club house

  • 18:00 Champagne and Awards ceremony

  • 19:00 Dinner (optional)



  • Group Size: from 4 to 600 persons
  • Duration: 1/2 day, 1 day (recommended), 1 we
  • Location: Belgium (all harbours), Netherlands, France, England
  • Others:
    No sailing experience is needed
    A skipper accompanies each boat
    Participants are insured for the activity


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Sailing Team founded by Frédéric Leloup and Jean-François Eeman continues through Flexi Sailing. 

Welcome on board!

Do you want to organize a sailing activity for your team or for an event?

We would be glad to organize a unique concept for your team!

We speak French, Dutch and English.

Nicolas Gérard
+32 474 33 36 30

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