Discovery Sailing

A unique sailing experience with your colleagues. Each specializes in a leading position on board. After a short initiation, you take control of your sailboat all together. Good communication with your colleagues will make your boat go fast.

Nespresso Benelux

Discovery Sailing : Nespresso’s IT Team learned to sail a regatta boat in one day! Objective fulfilled!


Discovery Sailing – Communication through sailing –  Two days sailing with the teams of SWIFT Belgium. An “all-in” organization from breakfast to diner, with hotel and meeting room. This is all “sur-mesure” by Flexi Sailing, to take the best out of sailing, enhance group cohesion and team working. « A beautiful initiation to sailing for the […]

Euro Marine Logistics

Discovery Sailing – Sail your regatta boat yourself with your team “An enjoyable, educational and sporting team building event that was enjoyed by all. Will certainly recommend this if anybody I know ever asks for ideas for their company events.”

Marc De Smet, NMC Group

Discovery Sailing – Learn to sail your regatta boat with your colleagues “Nos collègues ravis par leur journée découverte de la voile !”

BDO Management

Discovery Sailing – Learn to work and sail together BDO’s teams at Flexi Sailing’s meeting room and on Flexi Sailing’s regatta sailing boats for a better business cohesion between the business units.


Discovery Sailing Two teams of IBA on our boats for a better team spirit.